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Insurance for Water Balls & Zorb Balls on Land

Girl in Water Ball

On water or on land zorb balls are a popular party rental device. They go by many names: Zorbs, Hamster Balls, Spheres, Bobbles, Water Balls & Rollers...just to name a few. If you rent out zorb balls, we have your zorb ball insurance coverage right here! For water ball insurance we require one timer for every bobble/zorb. For zorb balls that will be used on land it is required that they will be set up on level ground and used on a track.

Along with your insurance application we will also need: written safety guidelines for your zorb balls, pictures of signage, pictures of the bobbles, hamster balls, spheres, water balls, rollers and/or zorbs. Fill out a short PDF application to get a quote for your zorb balls!

Soccer Bobbles / Bubble Soccer

You asked for it, so we found it. We now have bubble soccer / soccer bobbles insurance coverage! Soccer Bobbles were a challenge to find coverage for because many insurers were concerned about the risk with the legs being exposed and the physical contact. However, we have now found a carrier that will insure bubble soccer. Fill out a soccer bobble application to get your bubble soccer insured today!

Water Ball Safety

Water balls can be dangerous, but if proper safety precautions are used they can be a safe fun event for everyone. Starting in January of 2015 the ASTM started to work on the first proposed standard for the design, construction & operation of water balls. The ASTM encourages operators & manufacturers of water balls to join them in developing their water ball safety standards.

Some safety rules that should be followed are: inspecting the water ball before each use, always having trained supervision, not allowing more than one person in a ball, and following the manufacturer's instructions. The following is an example of the zorb ball checklist:

  • Check the ball for damage
  • Lubricate the zipper and make sure it fastens properly
  • Check the zip for any gaps in the zipper teeth
  • Check that the wind speed is not too strong for use
  • Set-up on flat land with no bumps or sharp objects
  • Be sure that wires are in a place where no one can trip on them