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Bungee Trampoline Insurance

Girl on EurobungyBungee Trampolines are popular rental devices at fairs, malls, zoos and birthday parties. We offer bungee trampoline insurance for mobile & fixed bungee trampolines. Along with your insurance application we will also need a copy of currently valued loss runs for the last 5 years (even if you have no losses), a waiver or rental agreement & a daily safety checklist. Fill out a bungee trampoline application to get a quote today.

Bungee Trampoline Safety

It is important to have a daily safety checklist that your operators go through each time they set up the bungee trampoline. Here is an example of a safety checklist for bungee trampolines :

  • Set the trampoline up on solid level ground
  • Make sure there are no objects too close above, or to the side of the bungee such as power lines, buildings & trees
  • Check air trampolines for proper trampolines
  • Check the harness for signs or wear
  • Check carabineers to make sure they open & close properly
  • Make sure ropes are moving freely through the pulley and are not frayed
  • Check all connection points to make sure pins and bolts are secure and in place
  • Have safety warning signs properly posted
  • Check all the cables and attachments for wear and stability.

Insured by the CIA

Give your customers piece of mind by letting them know that your bungee trampolines are insured!

You have the insurance, let you customers know it on your website! Simply copy the url code below & paste it into any of your web pages or use the image & link it to