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Please remember that this is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE ON INSURANCE FOR YOUR BOUNCE HOUSES and not a formal insurance quote. The following estimate is for General Liability and Accident Medical Insurance Coverage. Quote price is for some one who has had insurance for 3 years without any claims. Additional discounts and or charges may apply & premiums may vary by state. Your inflatable rental insurance estimate will be determined by the state you live in & your estimated gross annual sales. To get an actual quote you will need to fill out an application for insurance.


How much will this cost?

$ (Coverage for a year)

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CalculatorInflatable devices such as bounce houses or jumpers,mechanical bulls, slides, and other devices have two different methods of rating the insurance cost. One method is a price per unit, only the listed units are covered. This basis is used for the smaller operator of 5 or less rental units. The second method is a percentage of your gross sales. For operators with more than 5 units we will have you estimate what your sales will be for the next 12 months. We then apply a rate per thousand dollar of sales. To give you the lowest rate possible our staff will shop your insurance with several carriers to provide the lowest cost with the best coverage. The cost of your insurance will also depend on the number of claims that your business has had in the past. When providing your quote we will ask for your loss run history to check your claim history. Learn more about loss runs.